Gioiosa fosters children’s growth through care and relationships.

The main goal we aim to achieve in our task as educators is to support the child while creating their unique, original self-ability to express their own irreplaceable identity, which is differentiated from others throughout the educational process that identifies diversity as a value. For this reason, our goal can be broken down into the following:

– Co-construction and maturation of identity

– Autonomy

– The development of sensory, physical, linguistic and cognitive competences

The child in this age group needs to play, develop self-confidence and confidence in others, in their capabilities and possibilities to be able to engage in independent decision making, express themselves and communicate needs, dialogue, and relate to peers and adults.

The early childhood teacher and our NIDO educator facilitate the following with the daily routines:

Development of the autonomy and identity of the child, enhancement of individual, cultural and gender diversity.
Development of the child’s personality including their physical, emotional, cognitive, ethical and social dimensions.
The development of communication between children and between children and adults to enable the constructive exchange of ideas and thoughts.
Development of educational processes aiming to scaffold children’s awareness and confidence in their own inborn potential and uniqueness.