Nursery school

The Gioiosa association currently includes a nursery school located in Via Giulio Cesare, 54 Bergamo (Monterosso).

The nursery school pays attention to the singularity and complexity of each person, their complex identity, their aspirations, their capacities, and fragilities, in the various stages of development and training. Particular attention is paid to the creation of the classroom as a group, understood as a place in which to promote cooperative ties between its members and manage the inevitable conflicts induced by socialization.

Gioiosa promotes a pedagogy of relationships that translates into an environment that helps children “feel” at ease in being part of the school community, sharing their points of view with trust and serenity. The school’s relationship life is based on respect, listening, and dialogue and is characterized by structured moments of ritual and sharing, to encourage the child to recognize him/herself as a fundamental and enriching element of the environment and to care for it responsibly. Children’s relationships with their peers and with teachers are an important factor in promoting development.

Learning takes place through experience, exploration of nature, objects, art, territory, and traditions.
It is also structured by the teachers so that each child feels recognized, supported, and valued in a serene and joyful environment.