The Child For Gioiosa

Each child has the right to education (from the Latin ex-ducere, bring out).

Each child needs to be helped and supported to discover his worth and his place in his community. The child is unique and irreplaceable, supported to discover and accept their personality and create their identity in the relationship with the world around them.

During the constant dialogue with their reality, the child learns to know and express themselves. By promoting a variety of cultural languages, the child develops, step by step, all the possibilities and dimensions of humanity, including the emotional, social, legal, ethical and aesthetical, which they already have inside themselves.

The child is the protagonist for Gioiosa: resourceful, proactive and willing to face challenges and learn independently and with others. The child is an active actor or their learning processes, curious, interested in developing knowledge and able to cooperate and interrelate with others and use the resources around them to give meaning to the world.

Gioiosa believes in the child as a competent co-constructor with peers, adults, environments and culture of their reality and identity: a child whose uniqueness is fostered and supported not only for the individual, but for the wider group and community.

If a child should describe himself, he would say:
“I listen, I analyse, I explore and recall experiences: a research in communication with all the human dimensions. This is what I do all day at school”.