The Statutes And Organisation Chart


Art. 1) ASSOCIAZIONE AUTONOMA NUOVA EDUCAZIONE “GIOIOSA” is a not-for-profit organization, aiming to support moral education independently from political parties, social forces, and religious institutions.

Art. 2) The association will be based in Bergamo, Via Ponchielli 3, and will be allowed to set secondary bases in other councils.

Art. 3) The main goal of the association is to create and maintain the conditions necessary to ensure that the education relationship between adults and children is based on and aims to the holistic development of the consciousness and self-awareness of the stakeholders involved.
For this reason, “cultural languages” are fostered as a nutrient of human growth, and all activities provided are based on educational decision-making. The learning activities are not just provided for children, but they also bring together the adults involved, who acknowledge their task and responsibility as educators within the community and as tools for self-awareness.

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President: Marco Blumer

Directive Board: Marco Blumer  – Barbara Mandarini – Silvana Zulian – Elena Guarneri

Finance Board: Micaela Teani – Antonio Deretti – Stefano Lombardini

Educational Board: Marco Blumer – Silvana Zulian – Barbara Mandarini

Compliance with Law 124/2017 public grants